Periodontitis diagnosis and treatment

With modern dental technologies dental and oral treatment can be to the utmost effective and painless. Equipment for diagnosis gives doctors an opportunity to receive a broad and reliable patient’s health record within a short time.

Florida Probe machine is a diagnostic miracle. Its function is to provide accurate and detailed information about the state of a patient’s periodontium.

The periodontium are tissues around a tooth: gum and bone.

Unfortunately, periodontitis disease is very widespread. According to WHO data, 50-80% of patients between 15 and 18 years old already suffer from periodontitis, while the share of people at the age of 35-45 years with this disease reaches 98%.

Modern technologies and high qualification of dentists allow conducting effective and quality treatment even at advanced stages of disease.

It’s beyond the argument that a prerequisite for successful treatment is a full and proper diagnosing. Therefore, Dental Verdi Family Clinic uses innovative Florida Probe machine to determine the condition of periodontium.

Florida Probe machine fixes signs characterizing periodontitis like loose teeth, periodontal recess, bleeding, tender or inflamed gums and others.

Full diagnosing requires around 20 minutes, and results of screening are very accurate. The dentist will be able to set a correct diagnosis and schedule the treatment accurately.

No unpleasant sensations are associated with the screening process, for a broach is directed by a computer system, and examination goes at maximum comfort for the patient.

Early stages of periodontitis, as of many other diseases, may run without any symptoms or sense of discomfort, but the machine fixes any changes in tissues, even if patient hasn’t suspected about them yet.

Since data is saved on computer, the doctor can compare past and current condition of periodontium during next examinations.

At present, no machines are as informative, accurate and reliable as is Florinda Probe apparatus in diagnosing the condition of periodontium.

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