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Zvereva Tatiana

October 22, 2021


Osteopath, kinesiologist

Experience: over 10 years

Education: Upledger International Institute (USA), craniosacral therapy.

“Craniosacral osteopathy in the practice of a masseur”

“Craniosacral therapy. Facial skull. Cerebral skull.”

“Introduction to Osteopathy. Myofascial Release”


  • craniosacral osteopathy
  • visceral osteopathy
  • structural osteopathy
  • orthodontic osteopathy
  • children’s osteopathy

Areas of work:

  • all types of massage
  • whiskey swaddling
  • craniosacral therapy
  • wraps


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    Iskrenko Yuri

    October 22, 2021


    Experience: over 38 years

    Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy, Faculty of Pediatrics (1982)

    National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupik, pre-certification cycle in pediatric otolaryngology, Kiev, 1996

    P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, pre-certification cycle in pediatric otolaryngology, Kiev, 2016

    Treatment of diseases:

    • adenoids;
    • sinusitis;
    • laryngitis;
    • otitis;
    • paratonsillar abscess;
    • perichondritis of the outer ear;
    • middle ear polyp;
    • sulfur plug;
    • sinusitis;
    • tonsillitis;
    • pharyngitis;
    • boil of the nose, ear;
    • neuritis of the auditory nerves;



    • oropharyngoscopy, otoscopy, rhinoscopy;
    • prescribing and monitoring complex treatment;
    • rehabilitation and preventive
    • washing the tonsils;
    • lavage of the sinuses of the nose;
    • puncture of the maxillary sinuses;
    • blowing out the auditory tubes;



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      Lyudmila Tsybrivska

      October 21, 2021



      Experience: more than 7 years

      National Medical University. Danila Galitsky, Lviv, family medicine (2007)

      Specialist Radiologist Certificate, 2009
      Conference “The Art of Healing”, 2020
      Modern achievements in the practice of a pulmonologist, 2020


      • family medicine
      • radiology

      Performed procedures:

      • consultation with a radiologist;
      • OPTG (panoramic image);
      • CT scan of teeth;
      • CT of the intramandibular joints;
      • CT scan of the sinuses.



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        Stoyanov Eduard

        October 21, 2021Stoyanov Eduard - Deaf doctor, otolaryngologist


        Deaf doctor, otolaryngologist

        Experience: more than 18 years

        Education: Crimean State Medical University named after SI Georgievsky

        Courses of thematic improvement “Medical rehabilitation with the basics of physiotherapy and physical therapy” at the Department of Physiotherapy KSMU. SI Georgievsky (2011)

        Certificate based on the results of participation in the annual conference of UNMTO “Modern methods of conservative and surgical treatment in otolaryngology” (2016)

        Admission of children from 2 years and adults.

        Treatment of diseases

        • adenoids
        • sinusitis
        • herpes sore throat
        • flu
        • aringitis
        • rhinitis
        • otitis
        • paratonsillar abscess
        • middle ear polyp
        • sulfur plug
        • sinusitis
        • tonsillitis
        • hard of hearing (hearing loss)
        • pharyngitis
        • follicular (purulent) sore throat.


        Procedures performed:

        • washing the gaps of the palatine tonsils;
        • removal of adenoids;
        • infusion of drugs;
        • blowing the ear canal on Proetz;
        • removal of sulfur plug.



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          Yagelsky Valentine

          October 21, 2021Yagelsky Valentine - Plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist

          Plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist

          Experience: over 30 years

          Education: Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy, Faculty of Pediatrics (1982)

          National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. P.L. Shupika, retesting cycle in pediatric otolaryngology, Kiev, 1996.

          National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. P.L. Shupika, retesting cycle in pediatric otolaryngology, Kiev, 2016.

          Areas of work:

          Operations for obstructed nasal breathing:

          • vasotomy – reduction of the volume of the turbinate’s
          • conchopexy – expansion of the common nasal passage
          • turbinoplasty – correction of middle turbinate’s
          • plastic nasal valve
          • rhinolifting (with an overhanging tip of the nose)
          • septoplasty – correction of the nasal septum
          • nasal polypotomy
          • sinusitis (with cysts and chronic sinusitis)

          Aesthetic surgery of ENT organs:

          • removal of neoplasms of ENT organs
          • otoplasty – an operation to correct the shape of the auricles. To avoid the formation of a complex in a child, otoplasty is recommended at the age of 6-7 years (before going to school). It can be aesthetic (protrusion of the auricles, etc.) and reconstructive – the reconstruction of a completely or partially absent auricle.
          • rhinoplasty – surgical correction of the shape of the nose. Changes are possible by increasing or decreasing the size of the nose, removing the hump or raising the sunken back of the nose, correcting the shape and position of the tip of the nose, the width of the bridge of the nose, as well as the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip, and changing the shape of the nostrils. With the help of these manipulations, a new shape of the nose is created in accordance with the aesthetic requirements of the patient, and it also becomes possible to correct the deformities of the nose resulting from traumatic injuries, unsuccessful surgical interventions or caused by age-related changes. Open and closed access rhinoplasty is performed. Computer forecasting is possible.
          • mentoplasty – surgical correction of the chin. The aim of the operation is to eliminate the asymmetry of the chin, post-traumatic and congenital deformities, create a proportional chin size, and improve the profile of the face.



          • oropharyngoscopy, otoscopy, rhinoscopy
          • prescribing and monitoring complex treatment
          • rehabilitation and preventive measures
          • remembering tonsils
          • lavage of the sinuses
          • puncture of the maxillary sinuses
          • blowing out the auditory tubes



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            Yulia Tishchenko

            October 21, 2021


            Experience: more than 100 professional consultations and work with patients

            Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Educational and Scientific Center “Institute of Biology and Medicine”

            A member of the Association of Preventive and Anti-Age Medicine, aesthetic field.

            – Medical and health nutrition for various diseases
            – Nutrition and weight adjustment consultant.


            • nutritionist
            • Anti-Age Medicine

            Areas of work:

            • Preparation of diet
            • Anti-Age Medicine
            • Taping



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              Olga Kovaleva

              October 21, 2021Olga Kovaleva




              Education: Graduated from the Korean Orthodontic Research Institute (Seoul, South Korea) with a degree in orthodontics


              • aesthetic and functional orthodontics;
              • the use of transparent aligners and aesthetic braces to achieve a harmonious result and maximum comfort during treatment.



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                Kosharny Vladimir

                October 21, 2021

                Dentist, dentist-endodontist, dentist-therapist

                Experience: more than 9 years

                Education: Kyiv Medical University UANM
                A.A. Bogomolets National Medical University, internship, Kyiv (2011)

                P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, advanced training courses, Kyiv


                • therapeutic dentistry;
                • orthopedic dentistry;
                • endodontics;
                • aesthetic restoration.

                Areas of work:

                • treatment under a microscope;
                • aesthetic restoration of teeth;
                • microprosthetics;
                • endodontic treatment of teeth, both primary and treatment;
                • replacement of dentition defects with the help of adhesive bridges, splinting of teeth.



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                  Stogina Victoria

                  October 21, 2021Стогіна В.О. медичний директор, лікар-стоматолог, лікар-стоматолог-хірург

                  Стогіна В.

                  The head doctor of the Medical Center Verdi Clinic.

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                    Experience: more then 25 years

                    Education: She graduated from the Medical University of Bern (Switzerland) with a degree in Surgical Reconstructive Dentistry, a course by Professor Buser and Professor Sculean.
                    She completed Professor Steigmann’s course at the Steigmann Implant institute, Germany.

                    Continuous professional development in the world’s leading universities.

                    Use of the most modern techniques in the field of surgical dentistry. 60% of the total volume of implant surgeries – cases that were abandoned by other clinics.

                    Areas of work:

                    • dental implantology;
                    • aesthetic dentistry;
                    • dental surgical dentistry;
                    • reconstructive surgery of the oral cavity.



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                      Solomaha Diana

                      October 21, 2021Соломаха Діана - лікар – гігієніст – пародонтолог


                      Doctor-hygienist, pediatric dentist

                      An experience: more then 2,5 years

                      Education: Graduated from DVNZ “Uzhgorod National University” with a degree in dentistry. Professional qualification: dentist.


                      “Non-surgical periodontal treatment”

                      Areas of work

                      • hygiene
                      • restoration
                      • curettage
                      • periodontics



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